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Piglet incubator

The new incubator is ideal for weak born piglets. The piglets should be placed into the incubator immediately after birth to make sure they won’t undercool or lose orientation. Placed there, they should be fed every 15 minutes with milk, or milk replacer and colostrum. Several hours later they are well developed enough to be attached to their mother.
The incubator provides capacity for a maximum of 20 piglets. The temperature is variable and can be read from a digital display. The incubator is easy to clean.

Model: Piglet incubator
Convection technology: circulating air with integrated heater
Temperature range: 36°C fixed
Temperature accuracy, spatial: ± 2.5°C
Temperature accuracy, temporal: ± 2.5°C
Useful capacity: 150 l
Dimensions inside (WxHxD): 920 x 390 x 360 mm
Dimensions outside (WxHxD): 1050 x 450 x 450 mm
Supply voltage/frequency in V/Hz: 230/50
Nominal output/max. current in W/A: 65/0,85-1,65
Weight: 35 kg
Options: temperature display