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Temperaturgeführte Transporte

Thermoelectric coolers – quality as standard

Lightweight, low-priced, versatile – these are the hallmarks of thermoelectric refrigeration. The wear-free technology is great for low-capacity heating or cooling of small to medium-sized spaces. It is based on the thermoelectric principle – which states that heat or cold is generated when the connection between different metals is linked to a direct current power source (Peltier effect). The WAECO TropiCool standard range gives you a choice of four sizes ranging from a compact 7-litre cooler to a spacious 35-litre appliance. The three larger models (TC 14FL, TC 21FL and TC 35FL) are fitted as standard with TC special electronics and a 12/24/230-volt connection.
To suit temperature controlled transport needs WAECO’s standard boxes can be fitted with customised extra modules.

Perfect down to the last detail

Thermoelectric custom coolers for temperature controlled transport

  1. 1. Ideal for temperatures from +1°C to +15°C and +50°C to +65°C, cooling capacity depends on the outside temperature
  2. Accurate temperature control ± 2°C
  3. Lightweight and easy to transport
  4. Available in four sizes (7, 14, 21, 35 litres)
  5. Flexible energy supply: 12/24/230 volts as standard (TC07 12/230 volts)
  6. Custom configuration with extra modules

High-tech à la carte – your tailor-made box, step by step

Well-proven thermoelectrics plus special modules of your choice – it just takes a few easy steps to create your own customised box. Start by choosing the right-sized appliance from our standard range (7, 14, 21 or 35 litres), then combine it with the extra modules you need. The table below shows you which modules are available for which cooler.

Factory preset fixed temperature with digital readout
Performance booster: interior fan
Temperature check at the wheel: data from the radio thermometer
Real-time documentation: temperature logger + mini-printer + software

Extra modules available for thermoelectric coolers

Thermoelectric coolers TC-07
approx. 7 litres
up to 25°C below
ambient temperature
approx. 14 litres
up to 30°C below
ambient temperature
approx. 21 litres
up to 30°C below
ambient temperature
approx. 35 litres
up to 30°C below
ambient temperature
Digital temperature readout
One factory preset fixed temperature
Variable temperature
Interior fan
Heater with three-point controller
Digital radio thermometer
Data logger with software and USB
Thermal printer
Two factory preset fixed temperatures
Data logger as single unit without software and USB cable
3-pin plug-in system